No Chew Deterrent Spray for Dogs & Cats - 8 oz

  • Stop Dogs from Chewing Furniture: Bitter formulation leaves an unappealing taste on surfaces to help curb unwanted habits by deterring pets from licking, biting, or chewing.
  • Kitten & Puppy Training Spray: Pets may bite and lick objects due to stress, teething, or exploration. Cat & dog bitter spray for chewing helps make sure your pet focuses on appropriate chew toys.
  • Anti Licking Bitter Spray: To help keep dog from licking wound, this deterrent spray is safe to apply over topical medications or bandages and the gentle formula won't sting sensitive skin.
  • Long-Lasting Anti Chew Spray for Dogs & Cats: Water-based bitter spray formula lasts longer than others. Great for use on skin or in the home on furniture, carpet, plants, and more.
  • Veterinarian-Driven Practices: Pet MD cat and dog anti chew spray is formulated by vets to help build healthy habits with gentle and effective ingredients. Made in the USA.

Barcode: 850012848899

About Pet MD No Chew Spray for Dogs & Cats

Chewing or licking things they shouldn't is a common occurrence with dogs and cats of all ages. Pet MD No Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats is a gentle bitter spray formulated to help curb unwanted habits by leaving an unpleasant taste on nearly any surface. A simple spray, along with training, can help avert your pet's attention from an object to an appropriate chewing toy.

This bitter spray for dogs and cats is alcohol-free, which lasts longer than others as it evaporates slower. The gentle bittering agent is safe to use on many surfaces including plants, wood, furniture, carpet, and drapes. This helps curb pets' habits and divert their attention to their toys; be sure to keep chew toys nearby to show your pet what they should chew on.

This cat and dog no chew spray may also be used on the skin such as over topical medications, over bandages, or on itchy patches. As an effective no-bite spray for puppies, this spray is also great for teething dogs, who may bite on objects to self-soothe.

For an effective chewing deterrent made with gentle ingredients, reach for Pet MD No Chew Spray.


Deionized Water, Bittering Agent, Citric Acid.

Directions for Use

Spray No Chew evenly on hot spots, summer itch, furniture, etc. Use consistently until undesirable habits are curtailed. Do not spray around eyes or nose.

Warnings: This product is designed to be non-staining; however, before using this product test on a small inconspicuous area of the surface. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of allergic reaction or accidental ingestion consult a health professional immediately. ALCOHOL-FREE WILL NOT STING.