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Best arthritic supplement one can buy for an older dog - and it is safe and made in the USA

“This supplement worked true magic for our 7+ year old Labrador who could barely sit up or walk from intense joint pain. Our dog pain seemed to gradually reduce during the first 2 weeks, and 6 weeks later, she is walking and even running almost normally again. This is a safe and marvelous formulation produced in the good old USA.”

Pet MD Hip & Joint Triple Strength,

 Figuring out his allergens has been a long and tedious process.

“Figuring out his allergens has been a long and tedious process. Brian's allergies manifest themselves as itchiness and skin flaking – which cause him to scratch incessantly. His doctor diagnosed the condition as yeast overgrowth and fungal infection. After much research, I found PET MD CHLORHEXIDINE ANTISEPTIC WIPES on Amazon. After 4 days of twice daily application, Brian showed immediate improvement. The absence of itchiness allowed his skin to heal and his coat to grow back to normal Pet MD is US-made and has done wonders for Brian.”

Pet MD Chlorhexidine Wipes,

I love these ear cleaner wipes!

“I absolutely love using these wipes during my dog’s ear cleaning routine! Plus, they smell great! My Shih Tzu’s ears tend to smell a little and have dirty wax build up that happens every 3-4 days, so after cleaning her ears out, I use these to wipe away any debris I missed and freshen her ear up which really works! My dog still jumps whenever it first touches her ear because the wipes are wet and cold, but she later accepts it and even loves it every time. Anyways, I highly recommend this product!”

Pet MD Ear Wipes,
J. Maglonzo

My little Yorkie loves them!

“I can’t tell you how good they are…but I get the A Okay from my little one every morning when he sits up waiting anxiously for his “vitamin”! He also got a good review from his doc just this week regarding his muscle tone, beautiful coat and great teeth!”

Canine Tabs Plus,

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