Pet MD Hydrocortisone 1% Spray

• Immediate Relief from Itching
• Non-Stinging Formula
• Absorbs Quickly
• No Fragrances or Dyes
• Veterinarian-Approved
• Safe for Dogs, Cats and Horses

Stop the Cycle of Biting and Scratching. Fast Relief from Itching Caused by Insects, Allergies, Dermatitis, Infections & Hot Spots. Soothe and Heal the Skin with a Non-Irritating, Fragrance-Free, Dye-Free Formula. Safe for Dogs, Cats & Horses with Sensitive Skin.

When your pet’s itchy skin gets really bad, it can feel like the vet is your only option – especially if you haven’t found an at-home treatment that actually works.

You aren’t alone. Severe itching is one of the most common reasons for vet appointments. But those bills can rack up, especially when the itching keeps coming back. It can leave you feeling helpless.

Allergies, insect bites, dermatitis, and other irritants can lead to inflammation, redness, and raw, painful hot spots from all the scratching.

It’s a vicious cycle: The skin needs to be left alone to heal, but your pet keeps scratching incessantly.

So what can you do to stop the scratching – without yet another trip to the vet?


When your pet’s skin becomes irritated, it responds by releasing certain chemicals that cause its blood vessels to expand. That’s when Fido’s skin starts getting red, itchy and inflamed.

Hydrocortisone stops skin cells from releasing those chemicals. This prevents inflammation and stops itching in its tracks.

Pet MD Hydrocortisone 1% Spray is trusted by vets to end the cycle of biting and scratching safely, effectively, and painlessly.

Our soothing, non-stinging spray provides relief immediately upon contact. It absorbs quickly and stops itchiness so your pet’s skin has a chance to heal and recover.

Fast relief for skin irritation and inflammation, including:

-Insect Bites
-Bacterial infections
-Hot spots

Our gentle formula contains zero fragrances or dyes, and it’s safe and convenient for dogs, cats, and horses – even for sensitive skin.

A Trusted Name In Pet Health Since 2002

Made in the USA

Our independent lab testing ensures quality, freshness & purity for effective pet care products.

A Name You Can Trust

At Pet MD, we pride ourselves on nearly 20 years as a trusted favorite of vets and pet parents alike. Our two & four-legged customers make up our pet family that is now millions strong.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the results, reach out to us and we will return your payment in full.

What Other Pet Parents Are Saying

This Spray Is Great For Itchy Dogs

With four dogs, three cats, and a lizard, I am always in need of high quality products to help me keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I purchased this hydrocortisone spray because my Maine Coon was scratching himself so much that he was making raw, bald spots that looked like they hurt like crazy. Once I started using this spray in combination with a cone of shame, I was, finally, able to get his itchiness back under control. It didn’t happen over night, but it took some time for him to open his skin, too, so I was expecting it to take awhile, however, I did notice that he seemed more comfortable as soon as I applied this spray for the first time. Within two weeks, the skin looked much better, and the hair that had come out from all the scratching was slowly starting to grow back in, so I am completely satisfied with this products and the results that we got from it!

– boosdee2
February 15, 2020

Effectiveness of hydrocortisone in the convenience of a spray!

This product is more convenient to apply than hydrocortisone cream and a better choice IMO if there is a chance the cat/dog will be licking the area as it absorbs quicker. Perfect for all kinds of itches but I bought it specifically for residual itching after removing fleas/ticks from infested foster dogs.

February 1, 2020

 Miracle relief in a spray that works almost instantly!

Thought this was a good product to have on hand if it worked as claimed. Have quite a few products making same claims. Well, my dog developed a massive ear infection Aniston overnight. Tried eat washes etc and she was FRANTIC with head shaking and scratching her ears. I thought I’d give a fast spray and see if it helped. 1 fast spray gave her INSTANT relief! ZERO issues with the fast “spray” and bottle is just big enough to fit easily in hand and spray quick! It’s given her relief for over 24 hours and ZERO scratching at raw, bloody ear! Now the actual drops are able to work without added “issues”. Zero smell, and burning/irritation. This is a MUST to have on hand for ANY sudden irritation!

–Pyr Lover
February 28, 2020

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Pet MD Hydrocortisone 1% Spray

With our Satisfaction Guarantee you have nothing to lose, but your pet has everything to gain!

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