Pet MD Advanced Ear Wipes

• Non-Stinging Formula with Aloe Vera
• Cucumber Melon Scent Eliminates Odors
• Gentle and Effective
• Developed by Veterinarians
• Mild Enough for Daily Use

Stop ear infections at the source with easy-to-use ear wipes. The medicated formula gently and effectively removes dirt, debris, and wax while eliminating bacteria, yeast, and fungus. The non-irritating formula made with Aloe vera was developed by veterinarians for everyday use.

Stressed about expensive trips to the vet for your pet’s chronic ear infections?

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons for vet visits – and with expensive medications and exam fees, those appointments for Fido can get pricey fast.

What most pet owners don’t know is that preventative care is the key to stopping your furry friend’s cycle of ear infections.

Your dog’s ear issues are caused by wax, dirt and debris that accumulates and leads to other nasty things like yeast, fungus and bacteria. Without regular cleanings, infections take hold—and that pain keeps coming back.

Do you know the trick to ending chronic ear infections? It’s stopping them at the source with regular at-home cleanings.


Formulated by veterinarians, our antifungal Advanced Ear Wipes help pet owners break the cycle of ear infections right at home.

Our gentle and alcohol-free medicated wipes quickly and effectively remove wax, dirt and debris. There’s no stinging or irritation, and the pre-soaked wipes make this at-home task easier than ever.

Did you know that dogs actually like ear wipes better than ear drops? (See our reviews below!) And since a lot of dogs get anxious during vet visits, your pooch will no doubt prefer at-home treatment over a scary trip to the vet.

Our ear wipes are pre-soaked with an advanced veterinary formula containing Salicylic Acid. This antiseptic sloughs off dead skin cells, removes dirt, and helps dissolve ear wax so it can easily be wiped away.

Infused with Aloe vera, our wipes also soothe and nourish your dog’s ears. Pet MD Advanced Ear Wipes are safe and gentle enough for everyday maintenance.

And unlike other ear cleaning products that can smell like alcohol, our ear wipes contain a crisp cucumber melon scent to deodorize Rover’s ears. Your pet’s ears will be clean, healthy, and fresh-smelling after every use.

Keep Your Pet’s Ears Clean And Healthy With Only 3 Steps:

Gently rub
the inside of your dog’s ear with a Pet MD Advanced Ear Wipe, wiping out wax and dirt.

Repeat as needed
with a clean wipe until ear is clean.

Use wipes daily
(if needed) to maintain clean, healthy ears.

We’re Pet People

Made right here in the USA, our independent lab testing ensures quality, freshness, and purity for effective pet care products.

At Pet MD, we pride ourselves on nearly 20 years as a trusted favorite of vets and pet parents alike. Our two and four-legged customers make up a family that is now millions strong.

If, for any reason, you are not happy with the results, reach out to us and we will return your payment in full.

What Other Pet Parents Are Saying

Great product

I am new to pet parenting. One of the things I noticed with my dog is even though she’s groomed every few months, she tends to get build up in her ears. I did research and found out that dogs need products with different pH factors than people do so not to use and people products on your pets. I was looking for some sort of cleaning solution without having to squirt something in her ear. Amazon suggested this product and I’m thrilled hat I bought it. I’ve used it a few times since I posted purchased it and my dog does well with it. It doesn’t bother her like I was worried it might when I’m cleaning her ears. The wipes are perfect size to get the job done effectively. Very happy with this product

November 8, 2019

Great product.

I love this product. I had a hard time getting my dogs ear clean with the solution we got from the vet. After using these wipes daily, my dogs ears have gotten less red and stay cleaner longer. I’m very happy. Will definitely buy this product again.

November 6, 2019

Amazing Product…These ear wipes work with no mess!

This product is amazing! My 90 lb Staffie had an ear infection and I tried everything to rinse his ears out. Finally I bought these ear cleaning wipes… not only did he let me clean his ears, but it cleared the infection right up! I used it twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening for about 5 days and he was better now I use it every other day…GREAT PRODUCT!

November 7, 2019

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Pet MD
Advanced Ear Wipes

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